Release date for Sen2Cor 2.2.0?

The GitHub page for Sen2Cor says:

The current version v2.0.0 is in preparation and will be published there after it is accepted by ESA.

Assuming that umwilm is talking about version 2.2.0, not 2.0.0 – does anybody have a rough idea when 2.2.0 will be released? Are we talking about something in the order of days, or weeks, or months, or even (*gulp*) years?

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Dear Christian,

Please be informed that he new release of Sen2Cor 2.2.1 is available under STEP in the new ‘THIRD PARTY PLUGINS’ webpage (

Best regards,

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Great, thanks!
Too bad it’s an Anaconda setup again – I quite liked that simple self-contained test setup…