Release-Date to make Sen2Cor core algorithm open-source

Hello there,

first, thanks for sen2cor - although it is not perfect, it is great to have at least a tool to do basic classification and atmospheric correction.

is there any new information, when Sen2Cor’s atmospheric correction algorithm (currently shipped as a proprietary binary with sen2cor) will be open-source?

Although some parts are open (like the Python wrapper scripts and some parsing), as far as I know, the core algorithm is unfortunately a binary blob.

Beside the fact that an open algorithm could benefit the remote sensing community, it could also help to make it more efficient. Currently it takes ~25 (+/- 15) minutes in my tests to correct a single tile (granule), and most of the time is spent decoding the JPEG2000 files and/or write and read them.

Thanks in advance for the information,

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