Remember decision by opening product

I am trying to clip 2 images togehter throught “mosaicing” but it gives me the same problem as Sentinel 2 mosaic

so I want to change the opening resolution of my product to try what is given as a solution in that forum-topic. But I think a had choosen before to remember my opening resolution. How can I change this? or How can I open it with another resolution?


the dialogue when opening a Sentinel-2 image asking for a resolution shouldn’t have an effect on the resampling process. So when you are asked to resample, just click yes and select a target resolution afterwards.
Or did you experience an error?

Yes, i had this error: “Product ‘sourceProduct2’ contains bands of different sizes. Currently it is not possible to use it for mosaicking”.

How do I know in which resolutionmy product is opend?

Actually it doesn’t matter what you select when opening because none of the modules takes that resolution for processing.
Do you have the latest version of SNAP? Because when I open a S2 image, I wasn’t asked for a viewing resolution for quite a while but only for a projection:

However, if you are asked to resample the image, just click “yes”

The resolution you select in the subsequent dialogue matters. In my case B2 means 10m but you can also just enter 10