Removing border noise


How should i remove the no-values at the borders of a Sentinel1 GRDH raw file?
I tried remove-grd-border-noise but it did nothing, even with large parameters.

Thank you

Hmmm… Have you tried adjusting the threshold settings? Sometimes playing around with those can yield better results.

Also, if that doesn’t help, you could use a masking technique to manually delineate the area of interest and exclude the borders.


You should have a look to this thread:

And to this technical note:

Since version 2.90 of the Sentinel-1 SAR processor (then since 13 March 2018), the GRD borders are cleaned from “no values” pixels.
Then the “remove-grd-border-noise” should do nothing on recent products: the edges may contain “no-values” that are kept.
For the old products the edges contained pixels with small invalid values that were flaged as “no-values” by this process.