Renaming of Sentinel-2 Products - How to determine the new name?


I need to re-download Sentinel-2A products, which were generated before the 6th of December 2016. The problem is that the products are no longer available under the old name I wrote down. I found no explanation how to “rename” these products in the naming convention (here) . Do you have any suggestion how to find my products?

Here is the list:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi @MaraM

If you’re working over the Antarctic, then you’ll need to know the Tiles in your Are of Interest (AOI). The Tiling parameters file (TILPAR) can be found here:

If you want a plot of your Relative Orbits (identified in the field RXXX in the filenames you list) then that can be found here:

If I’m correct , the S2A Orbits you are looking for are:

007269 from the 12th of November
007397 from the 20th of November
007512 from the 29th of November



S2 MPC Operations Manager

I tried to build the new product name after the new convention:

S2A_MSIL1C_20161112184520_Processing Baseline Number_R122_tile number field_20161112184520.SAFE

I don’t know how to work with your information @Jan , because the Orbit number should be R122. The orbit number should be a number between R001 - R143. But I really don’t know where to get the Processing Baseline number and the tile number field from?

Sorry. I obviously misunderstood your original request. What I was trying to do was point you towards the way of finding the products in single Tile format. So, in order to do this, I gave you is Absolute Orbit (so the number of the Orbit from launch that your Relative Orbit and date are covered by). I did this so you could search the Copernicus Hub.

I’m not sure how you’re accessing the data - whether you pull it over FTP, or are downloading it via your browser, but in the Copernicus Hub I find 68 single Tile L1C products over Antarctica for the 12th of November (although none are from the Relative Orbit you are looking for):



Ah, ok.

Though I have to search for the new product in the DataHub and there is no way to just convert the name? This sounds not like a good way to go. :smiley:


No. It’s probably easier (at least for me) to search using the Sensing Date. Also, if you want just one Tile, you can search the catalogue by putting the Tile number in the search bar (minus the initial ‘T’) or make your AOI on the map, and then put the Orbit number in the Search bar. That works for me too.



Yeah, I do it this way now. But I have the feeling if there were a convention it would be way easier. At least for me, because I have a lot of images in the same area, which were sensed in the same time and it is difficult to distinguish. And to be clear: I realize, that there are at least two products which I can’t tell apart.


This two products have only differences in the creation time, but it is not clear for me which from them is this product: S2A_MSIL1C_20161120T100152_N0204_R093_T25CDS_20161120T100153.SAFE .

I wrote with the support from the esa and now have an answer, where you can look up the new name of the files: here.

If someone else need it.

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