Reproject Sentinel-3/OLCI image

Hi there,

I would like to export an S-3/OLCI image from the Arctic Ocean to GeoTIFF or ENVI format.
Yet, the reprojection appears not to work properly.

I import the xml using the import dialogue ‘File > Import > Optical Sensors > Sentinel-3 > Sentinel-3’.
In the world view, the image is displayed properly, but there is some strange triangle towards the North pole.
When I reproject the data using ‘Raster > Geometric Operations > Reprojection’ into WGS 1984 / LatLon, the image is somehow flipped across the pole.

Can anyone help me out here?



Hi, mkoenig
Sorry, I cannot understand your question completely but it seems to have some problems with the re-projection.
Anyway, I suggest you could check the “option -> S3TBX” to make sure the S3 OLCI products were read via per-pixel geo-coding instead of using tie-points.
Hope it might help you.
Best wishes!