Reprojection leads to some NaN data

Recently I had the issue that after re-projection some values had turned into NaN values. Usually the re-projection works fine, but in this case it removed all values < 1. I checked all settings, but there was nothing that I could figure out could be the reason for this.
I don’t need an answer or solution (I can work with the img file from the .dim, which seems to work fine in QGIS). However, I just want to mention it, for in case it is a bug.
Here are the screen shots.
Original (note the low values where the mouse pointer is):

After re-projection (note the no-data where the mouse pointer is):

I use SNAP6 on Ubuntu. The input image is derived from S3, but it is sub-setted, processed, and aggregated. I was using the standard settings for re-projection.

Hello Annelies,

Indeed this is a strange behaviour. Can you show me the properties of the band? Open the Information window from the menu at Analysis / Information and attach the screenshot. Thanks!

Hi Marco,

This is the screenshot of the original:

And this from the reprojected one:

Best regards,

One thing I see (from the file paths) is, that you probably reproject twice. Also, the map looks the same in both images.
Maybe it is the same problem as described here:

Hi Marco,

Thanks, this must be it!
I was reprojecting all data from S3, because I create maps in QGIS. As the normal S3 images come with a tie point grid that was needed. That’s why I did the aggregated product as well, but in the aggregation it got coordinates per pixel. I had not realised that the algorithm does that.

Thanks a lot!