Reprojection to UTM zone doesn't work as expected with SNAP 7.0

I processed the Sentinel-3 OLCI product :
with the Thematic Water processing tool: MPH/CHL Processor and got the result image which is Ok by visual inspection:

Then I reprojected the MPH/CHL data to UTM zone 51N projection,but got a very strange ruslut as following:

It seems some parts of the orinignal image is brutly ‘cut’ or ‘zigged’ incorrectly,
The reprojection rusult seems very unreasonable.

Try up to add up the crs, in predefine crs, and check up the result!

Are you using the latest version of snap? A similar issue was fixed in a previous update, but maybe this is another one.

Yes. The latest version,SNAP 7.0 .
Not only data for this date of Sentinel-3 OLCI has the unexpected resdult, but also some other dates encounter this issue. It seems the results from Thematic Water Processing Processors might record the georeference from the original OLCI data products, or might be Reprojection tool doesn’t read georeference from Thematic Water Processing Processors results properly.

As your image only shows a part of the input product: Did you make a subset before reprojection?