Reprojection with snappy

Hello, I want use the reprojection tool on SNAP but using snappy (SNAP-python). Specifically, I would project one S1 image using a CRS reference defined by an other image S2. That is possible using SNAP software (figure bellow) , but I don’t now how to do that with python.

There are existing examples in the forum that do reprojection – maybe search for “snappy ReprojectionOp”.

I might be helpful to explain why you want to use python. Is there a reason you don’t want to use GPT?

GPT? do you have an example? thanks

SNAP_CommandLine Tutorial has a section on GPT. If command-line tools are new to you you may want to start with a tutorial on command-line basics. For linux I recommend
For Windows, see PowerShell Scripting Overview for the latest Microsoft scripting technology, or Windows CMD in 15 Minutes if you are in a hurry and don’t anticipate needing complex scripts.