Request for clarification on the SAR Gamma-Map multi-temporal speckle filter

Hello everyone, I have some questions about multi-temporal speckle filter.
I’m trying to do the filter described in the following article:
This filter has the name of the company that developed it: Gamma Remote Sensing AG.
This filter is adapted from the LEE filter (with some modifications). It requires a 7x7 window, then a 3x3 sub-window and also a threshold to determine the type of window to use (which allows to consider the spatial structure in the neighborhood of the pixel to filter).
I was wondering if it corresponds to the “Gamma Map” filter available on SNAP. However, in the “Gamma Map” filter dialog box, you cannot set a threshold.
The only filter where you can set a threshold is the Refined LEE filter (edge threshold).
Does anyone have any information about this? The SNAP help section is not exhaustive.
Thanks in advance for your answers.

Gamma refers to the distribution (probability density function, pdf) of the signal, not the company. It goes back to Nezry, Laur etc.
Look here:


Great reference-book - @ABraun could you add it to the 3rd party resources?

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