Request for help to install SNAP Toolbox on Ubuntu laptop

Good morning,
Have downloaded latest (V6) SNAP toolbox, updated Java to Oracle JRE V10, read many internet suggestions but cannot get SNAP to work on my Lenovo Idea Pad 110, Win 7 64 bit, 4Gb RAM.
Tried to paste error messages but no-go. The first says "An instance of the program cannot access the specified directory. Make sure /home/nifty/.snap/system is writable. On clicking OK nothing happens.
But I can not find that folder!!

Ubuntu 18.04

Any help will be appreciated


  1. .snap is a hidden folder (as every folder beginning with a dot). To see it you have right click on the parent folder and select Show hidden files. Then you will be able to make sure that this place is actually writtable

  2. 4Gb RAM is very very few for SNAP. You will have problems in some operations

Have you installed SNAP as a different user?
SNAP comes with its own JAVA JRE. So it does not matter which version you have installed.

I’m using SNAP from an Ubuntu box without having that kind of problem. If you are new to Linux systems, you may have some digging to do. You need to be sure you installed into a folder you have permissions to write. Maybe you ran the SNAP instaler with elevated priviliges using sudo (as in “sudo sh”).

Can you open a terminal using Ctrl+Alt+T and post the output of the command history | grep esa-snap?

Good afternoon,
Looks like I used sudo. How do I get rid of everything and start again. Thanks
This is the history
sudo sh
chmod +
chmod + x
sudo ./
history |grep esa-snap

I think that may be the culprit. You are gonna need to go into your Snap folder installation, let’s assume is /home/nifty/snap. Then go into bin folder and there should be an executable called “uninstall” or “uninstaller” that should already have execution permissions. Go to a terminal emulator using $ cd /home/nifty/snap/bin and run $ sudo sh uninstall (or uninstaller) and follow the instructions. Make sure the uninstaller wipes everything SNAP related. After finished be sure there’s no snap or .snap folder in your home by going to your home folder with $ cd ~ and running $ rm -rf snap and do the similar with .snap

Once you are sure both folders aren’t there anymore, run the installer again without sudo as user nifty or whatever user is gonna run SNAP. That should do it.

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Thanks for the clear and concise help. Everything works properly now thanks to your help. Even the previous desktop icons I created work.