Required for HH data (soil moisture tool)

We used the SNAP for soil moisture by the method of multi-polarisation (SNAP-Radar-Soil Moisture-Modeling Operators). However, the Error window showed that “Message: No sigmaHHBand[0]”. How can we deal with this problem? Thanks a lot.

What was your input data?

Most of the soil moisture tools require fully-polarized data, or at least HH+VV. The required inputs are explained in the Help section of SNAP.

Thanks for your reply. The input data is sentinel 1a, which only include VH and VV. I can’t find the HH in the download website. Where can I download the sentinel fully-polarized data? Thanks a lot!

Sentinel-1 is dual-pol only and most of the land surface is acquired in VV/VH polarization.
Only selected sites are HH/HV.

Thanks for your replay. Can I find the free fully-polarized data in order to acquire the distribution of soil moisture by the soil moisture tools in the SNAP? Thanks a lot!

currently, there is no quad-pol satellite which delivers free data.
You find a summary of current missions, their polarizations and imaging modes in Appendix 2 of this document:
The table does not contain SAOCOM, which is also configured for quad-pol acquisitions.

Thanks very much for your replay. :slightly_smiling_face: