Resampling in SNAP 7.0

Hello everyone:

Previously i was using the older versions of SNAP, but since I had a lot of problems with sen2cor and supervised classification, I decided to give it a go to SNAP 7.

Sen2cor is working perfectly, cero errors, congratulations on this :slight_smile: .

Then, I tried to resample the sen2cor output, in order to make a subset by shapefile of it later. The thing is that the resample output seems to have returned to the original colors image (without the sen2cor), i mean, the original image looks with more darkish colors, then, with the sen2cor, the colors turn brighter, but after resampling, color become darkish again, i will show in an image.

So, the image on top is the one with sen2cor process, the bottom one is the one resampled.
Maybe this is normal, I dont know, I hear you!


Hello @Raffaellaanilio,

what is important is not the color but the value of the pixels. The colors can be interpreted in a different way by using the Colour Manipulator tool.

When opening an RGB image in SNAP the values in the colour manipulator are computed automatically using a subset of the pixels, and it seems than in your images it has created a different visualization for the original and the resampled product. Please, try to set manually the same values and check if the colors are the same.

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