Resampling S2L2A Error

Hi, I am just beginner of SNAP. Now I try to use Sen2cor plugin in SNAP destop version for my research that deals with forest biomass calculation based on S2 imagery. My problem is unable to resample to 10m spatial resolution. After processing S2L2A product under resampling tool, it didn’t give any changes in pixel values when i measure in GIS software although metadata shows 10m in spatial resolution. If there is any suggestion, please let me know the solution. Thanks in advance!

which resampling operator did you select and which type (nearest neightbor, bilinear,…)?

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I applied Nearest-Neighbor method. Please let me know how can I correct it. Thanks

well, then that is the reason why the pixel values did not change. Nearest Neighbor resampling simply decreases the pixel size, but without altering the original values.

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If so, it would be incorrect in my results? How can i do?

nothing wrong at all, if you ask me. The pixels have 10m spacing, the original values are still correct.

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thank you for your good comments and suggestions.