Resampling S2L2A product

Hi, I have several S2L2A files I want to mosaic.
For that, I want to first resample each of them to a pixel resolution of 20m. These files have 12 bands with different resolutions (when I look at the metadata — spectral information I see that some bands have 20m, others 10m and others 60m resolution).
As I want all of them with a final resolution of 20m, I use the resampling tool choosing the following options:

After this process, if I open the Spectral information List of my target product, and I find out that the resolution for each band is not 20m but the one they had previous to the resampling.

Here is my question:
Should I ignore this fact and assume the bands of the target product are now 20m resolution? or am I missing something to do a propper resampling?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I openned a RGB image of the target product and measured the pixel size. It was 20m so I guess the operation worked properly.
Anyway, I will check it later with different bands.
I am now trying to perform the same operation with another file but the following error comes out:

I dont really know what could be wrong now.
Thank you.

Are you still using version 5 of SNAP. Because resampling works fine for me in SNAP 6. But actually it worked in SNAP 5
If you want to mosaic the products anyway, you can use the Multi-size Mosaic which is in the menu at Raster/ Geometric Operations.

Even this error message sounds familiar to me. But I think it was fixed. But I can’t find no evidence for this at the moment.

I am using the latest version 6.0.

Hi Ana,

the resampling should be OK, but the operator do not change anything on the metadata xml file, so if you check the resolution there you will see the old resolution.

On the other hand, the error that you have is produced with what kind of input?

I am having the same issue when using Sentianal-2 img using Bands 4 ,3,1. I am not sure why this is happening.

What kind of issue do you see?
Do you get this error too?

Band 4 and 3 are having 10m and Band 1 has 60m resolution.
What do you expect and what are you doing?