Resampling - what to use for "flag downsampling method"?

I would like to resample my S2A data with the resampling tool in the Desktop version. But I’am not shure what to choose for “flag downsampling method”

I choose

By pixel resolution: 60m
Upsampling method: Bilinear
Downsampling method Mean
Flag downsampling method: ? not shure here

Where can I find some basic information about the tools implemented in SNAP?

THX, Patrick

resampling (or downlsampling) is not a SNAP specific thing, you need it in any remote sensing application or GIS where you re-project rasters or change their pixel size. Please have a look here:

Regarding the “flag downsampling method”, please see in the help section of SNAP:

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Hi, thank you! I have already found it!!