Resolve the distortion in topography using Sentinel-1 SAR image in ascending and descending mode

I am trying to create a land mask using ascending (ASC) and descending (DSC) mode of images. Each of the modes causes a change in the topography being shown and also the distortion in the actual valley or fjords seen in the image.

In order to generate a land mask on a large area, a combination of ASC and DSC mode images are being used.

  • How can I account for distortion between ASC and DSC mode in Sentinel-1 SAR?

  • Will creating a mosaic between ASC and DSC mode affect the product in terms of creating a land mask out of the mosaic?

A combination of both modes is not possible as during most of the time only single mode either ASC or DSC is available.

Image Used : Sentinel-1 SAR || GRD || IW & EW swath