Restore deleted files from Products Library

I have deleted some products from the SNAP “Products Library” by right click on the product and “delete selected files” command.
Unfortunately I found the command has deleted the folder, subfolder and all contained files (even files not correlated with sentinel products).
How can I restore the deleted files and folders?

I didn’t now that it is possible to delete files from the Products Library. But at least files which do not belong to a product should not be deleted. But this can happen if the files are placed in product folder. However, I’m afraid, if they are deleted they are deleted. Would be good to know which type of product you deleted.

@lveci Do you know something about it?

You can. And that’s actually how you should do it. If you tried to delete files (for example a band that you created using bandmaths) directly in your file explorer (for example Nemo in LinuxMint), it will not update correctly the metadata. Deleting a band in SNAP enables a proper update of the metadata.

sorry @marpet, maybe I wasn’t clear enough.
I had lots of sentinel-2 products (.SAFE) contained in a folder named “mydata_sentinel_2”. Inside the same “mydata_sentinel2” folder I had other files (eg: .tif .xml .R) and other subfolders.
After the deleting process of some (not all) sentinel-2 products (.SAFE), all the “mydata_sentinel_2” folder was deleted with all the sentinel-2 products (.SAFE), files (eg: .tif .xml .R) and subfolders.

This should definitely not happen.
This should be further investigated. I create an issue for this. So we won’t forget about this problem.