Result evaluation for Deformation Mapping of Volcano after eruption

Sir/ Ma’am

I have performed Deformation Mapping of a volcano. I have used two methods for this. One is using the Snaphu and then performing phase to displacement function. The second method using STaMPS in matlab where I have used PS functions. I have got results in both of the methods. Regarding my procedures and all I have followed as being discussed in this forum. So moving on I have the following outputs:


So now what I want to do is check whether the outputs I have done gives more or less accurate result. So I searched on the net and found this link:

The problem is the dataset is old. So can anyone tell me if I can find any place where I can evaluate my result to see if it is like right or not.

In my previous work and previous post Elevation value from DEM file and Elevation Value from Google Earth of elevated surface not matching I have evaluated my result from google earth. But for deformation can anyone suggest from where to evaluate it.