Results, works, images, etc. ... New Section?


Hello everyone,

as the community grows here, I thought, if it would be possible, to get a new section where anyone could present his work and eventually discuss it with others, if wanted. It should not be meant as an advertisement rather as a pure show off :slight_smile:

The reason is that when someone posts even a part of their result there is mostly positive feedback from us and it could help and inspire people for new ideas, even answer their questions indirectly.

It could be under the Sentinel 1/2…or a brand new one.


P. S.: As an example a section for something like this (Mount Fuji):


good idea actually! Let’s discuss this in the meta-forum.


Yes, this is a good idea. Since no one started with presenting her results, we do not have a section for this yet. Maybe creating a dedicated category for it might inspire some people.


I would like to propose a common project on data processing of TerraSAR-X for surface displacements (SBAS method).

  1. Data can be taken from here (good coherence):
  2. The results of processing should look something like this:

At the same time can check how works Topo Phase removal tool with stack for StaMPS export.


Hi there,

I just created the new category. I’ve named it “Show Room”.
Please feel free to share your nice results.