Returning metadata of offline products as well with sentinelsat?

Hi guys and girls,
First of all I want to say sorry if I’m in the wrong category… I didn’t find a category for sentinelsat.

I’m wondering if its possible to get the metadata of offline products as well, instead of only online products using SentinelAPI.query().

I have this code that works fine for recent data, where they’re still online, and it returns the ‘title’ of the metadata, so I can easily download it later if I want, the function returns this:

Now if I try to search for older data; they are all offline and so the query will return that there’s no available product… but I have manually searched on the copernicus website and found some offline.

Is there some way that I can change the SentinelAPI.query() to return the metadata even though it is offline?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi guin0x,
You haven’T found a category because sentinelsat is not officially supported by this forum. I have moved your question into the python section.

You could create an issue for your question on Github

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