RF "Bound must be positive"

I am working on Land use land cover classification in SNAP using Random forest Classifier. Satellite image: Sentinel 2
Projection: WGS 1984

Eventhough I received the following error “Bound must be positive”. The projection regarding the sentinel 2 image geocoding images before and after projection were attached below.
Please help me in this regard.

Many Thanks


During which operation you received this message?
I noticed you have the same projection in the original product and also in the reprojected one.
(therefore I don’t understand what kind of reprojection you applied)

I have received the error "Bound must be Positive"while executing Random forest Classifier.
I came to know that this error was because classification module cannot handle UTM coordinates. So, I want to change projection from UTM to WGS 1984.

After altering to WGS 1984, recived the same error. please help me in this regard.

Many thanks