RF classification of Sentinel 1A

I have GPS point of various features and i want to use these points as a sample. Please guide me how to use GPS point as a sample in RF classification using SNAP.

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If you have them as a Shapefile or CSV you can load them by selecting the product and then File > Import > Vector
Your file however needs a column with the class number or description.

Thanks sir, it worked. But i got some error in classified image i.e. mining and bare soil is mixed with sattlement area so i am nit able to discriminate these features

in this case you either need more input layers or better training samples. Please have a look here:

Sir one more question which polarization should be use VV or VH or VV+VH. Please help.

all of them. The more raster layers you have for training and predicting the higher are the chances for getting better results.

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Thanks a lot now it worked properly…thank you so much…one more question now i want to do accuracy assessment please help.

Accuracy assessment is not supported in SNAP by now.
Please use the search function for such questions:

ABraun sir please have look on this error.

Maybe the path is too long, please try C:\temp\test.dim

sir, I am doing the paddy field identification using sentinal 1, a time series analysis
first i have done the preprocessing of sentinal 1 images
second i convert into sigma0 dB
then in time series graph with vv/vh polarisation,i got a backscatter profile of paddy
how to do a random forest classification with the unique profile of paddy in the graph?

the time-series tool shows the temporal domain of a pixel whiel Random Forest is a spatial predictor in SNAP. So you can use several dates as input bands for the classification.

Please have a look at this example: Random Forest Classifier struggles with long names

sir, How to extract the mean DN value from time series SAR images for each polygon.

A tutorial on time-series analysis will be published within the next few days.

here it is: Time-series analysis with Sentinel-1