RF in SNAP and accuracy assessment in ENVI


I did the random forest classification in SNAP and what’s the type file that can I export to open in the ENVI?
Is it possible to do the accuracy assessment in Envi with this data?

Thanks for your help!!


actually, you can directly use the classified image in ENVI. Navigate to the output directory and have a look inside the .data folder of the classified product. Inside is a .img file and a .hdr file. Both together are fully ENVI-compatible.


I found both of the files… but when I open the ENVI (data manager) send me an error with this message " BASEISARBITRABY". So, have another way to open this file?

Thanks for your help.

You could open the dimap folder in SNAP and the chose from the menu File / Export / ENVI
This converts the product into one ENVI file.
Or you export it to NetCDF. This can also be opened by NetCDF.

Regarding your error, I haven’t heard about it before.
There is one discussion related to it.
Maybe it can help you. But it would be new to me that we write envi files in the wrong format.

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