RF - Source products are of different dimensions

Hi everyone,

I am a new SNAP user, and wanted to ask you a question:
While trying to perform the Random Forest Classification with both sentinel 2 and sentinel 1 bands, I cannot make it due to the following error:

Could anybody explain me on what it consists so I can fix it somehow?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you trying to process both, S1 and S2at the time? Just try only one of them.

Or maybe merge both products with a PCA first and use the result as an input

Alright, thank you.

I stacked all the bands from the sentinel 1 and sentinel 2 I am using with the Semi-Authomatic Classification Plugin in QGIS. Then, I opened the created tiff with SNAP, and, when I tried to open the RGB image I come out with the error “The RGB image view could not be created” and in the right-down corner it warns me: “Error Report, UnexpectedException, java.lang.NullPointerException”.
Do you know where the error might be? Or is it a very nonspecific error?

Thank you again.

Also, I forgot to mention: when I save my tiff as dim format with SNAP and reopen it, the RGB view works but it shows a black image with no information in it…

Could it be something related with the size of my raster? It is 1.741.488 KB

It could be a memory issue. How much RAM do you have?

RF is available in OTB and can be run inside QGIS. Just install the toolbox.
Good luck.

Yes, I am using Enmap Box pluguin to do RF Classification in QGIS,
thank you :slight_smile: