RFI annotations of Sentinel-1 GRD/SLC products

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Since November 2021 the Sentinel-1 products are generated using version 3.40 of the SAR processor. This version of the processor introduces the capacity to mitigate the Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI). This capacity is not activated yet (will be done later), however the products now contain some information on potential presence of RFI.

A technical note explaining how to use the “new” RFI annotation and to interpret it depending on version of the processor and its configuration is available here:

So far I think that SNAP is not using those RFI annotation, but I think the information is worth sharing to the community.

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RFI annotations have been implemented in SNAP
SITBX-887: Support new Sentinel-1 format for RFIRESOLVED


Hello, how can the data of the previous version mitigate RFI, the image I use is affected by rfi, the IPF version is 3.31, thank you!

The RFI mitigation requires a processing of the Level 0 data with a version of the IPF >= 3.40 with its proper configuration actually activating the mitigation, which was only put in place since 23rd March 2022.
In practice, this means that RFI mitigation of an old product requires a reprocessing with the latest version of the IPF.

Thank you so much for your reply.
But I still don’t know how to reprocess an old product with the latest version of IPF to mitigate RFI,in SNAP ? I didn’t find the module in snap.

The SAR processing performing the conversion from Level 0 data to Level 1 data is not a process supported by SNAP.
The IPF (the SAR processor) is a specific software that cannot be called from SNAP and that is not shared with the end-users.

The reprocessing from L0 to L1 are currently only performed by the ground segment. You may try to contact the EO support on the link provided in https://scihub.copernicus.eu/ to ask for such reprocessing on your specific data of interest. I don’t know if they will support this request or not.

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