RGB Composites with bands obtained with band math

I am looking to make an RGB composite with bands that have been created using Band Math (for example, R = B2/B3, G = B4/B7, B = B4/B5). However, I receive an error when trying to create the colour composite that says I am using an invalid expression. What is the reason for this? Is it possible to create this kind of colour composite?

Thanks very much

Can you please show a screenshot on how you formulated these expressions?
By clicking on the Button […] at the end of each colour you get to the extended expressions editor which will tell you if there is a problem with your syntax.

Not quite sure what you mean by the […] at the end of each colour, but I’ve included the following screen shots:

Properties of one of the bands I’ve created, which displays the expression
The error that I receive when trying to make the colour composite

thank you!

click on these to modify your expressions:

For example, don’t make new bands in the properties menu. Directly enter the Band combinations in the extended RGB expressions dialogue.

Also, avoid the minus sign in band names

If you convert the virtual bands to real ones it should work. @obarrilero @marpet does the RGB-window require that real bands are used?

I am pretty sure that it is just because of the minus sign in the band name.

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Hi ABraun,

Yes, you’re right. It was just the minus sign in the name. Very silly, thank you

You can use single quotes in order to escape the band name which users the minus sign.
e.g.: '$9.Bistacchi-R'
However, this should be done automatically if the band is selected. New issue created (SNAP-915).