RGB generation in SNAP

Could you please tell me how the RGBs are generated in SNAP, more precisely how the values are mapped to the RGB? For instance for the tristimulus RGB for OLCI L1, once the red, green and blue are computed according to the equation, how are these values mapped to the [0,255] interval? Is there a histogram equalization being done?
Thank you very much.

Hi Miruna,

there is no equalisation performed by default. The histogram is clipped by 1% at the lower end and 4% at the upper end and than mapped to histogram bins [0,255]. But you can enable an equalisation after the creation of the image in the Colour Manipulation window.


Did you manage to solve and map the values to the [0,255] interval pls?

Yes, I made a simple linear stretching to the [0,255].
Many thanks,

Ohh, that is quite simple, last question pls, you used the minimum and max values listed in the colour manipulation window?