right software versions for sen-et


I am getting a cascade of errors error_messages.txt (6.2 KB) when trying to run graph sentinel_2_pre_processing.xml sentinel_2_pre_processing.xml (6.3 KB) from Sen-ET.

Currently I use SNAP version 8 and python 2.7, but also I tried SNAP version 7 and python 3.5 and I get similar error messages.

Anyone is able to run well the Sen-ET graphs? If so, with which software versions?

Maybe the Sen-ET software developers could share a Dockerfile, an .iso image or similar?



There does not appear to be any problem based on error_messages.txt. All those messages are printed by SNAP biophysical processor regardless of how it’s run and do not seem to affect the output.

The graph does not depend on any Python version but for running the Sen-ET scripts you need to have setup SNAP to work with Python 3.6. See section 3.2 of the user manual. The plugin was developed and tested with SNAP 7 but some users on the forum appear to be using it with SNAP 8 as well.