ROI - analysis


I’ve just an issue with masks and region of interest. I would like to see data structure of the chosen surface from Sentinel-2. I’ve resampled the image and create polygons, which can be see also in Mask Manager, however when I would like to use them during an analysis, there is a blanket menu without any masks. How can I do a ROI from a mask? And How can I activate it during the analysis (e.g. scatter plot)?


It is recommended to save your new product as .dim, especially when using geometries (ROIs) that will be saved on the vector folder of your product. Those ROIs are understood as masks and you should be able to see them in the Mask Manager list.

Well I am actually working with .dim :confused: I see the polygon object (geometry) and also mask (raster) in mask manager and in image window, however I am not able to work with this ROI :confused:

I had a similar thing today.

What worked for me is when I select one of the bands in the product in the Product Explorer.
When the name of the product is selected, no masks can be selected, but once you click on a band within the product the masks appear in the drop down menu.


Thx! It’s working now!