Rounding Values Extracted from Time Series Tool

When selecting pins to view pixel history in the time series tool, the values are rounded to the nearest integer. When using the cursor tool this does not occur. It is essential to have the full value and to use the pins to compare exact pixels with other images, so any input on the possible issue with this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Once you stack all product, you can extract their values (with decimals) in the Pin Manager and export them to a table.

I want to plot these values against time. Is there a way to export a text file containing a column of dates of acquisition?

Also, the values seem to be all out of order (referring to the date), when I look at the exported text file.

If you export as a text file, they are int he same order as in the stack (at least for me)

With a bit of formatting:

For charts or analyses, the column order does not matter: