Running Sen-ET using snappy

Hi @radosuav ,
My SNAP is configured for the Sen-ET module. I have prepared input data for LST SHARPENING and was able to perform the sharpening using the GUI.

But I want to run the LST SHARPENING operator using SNAPPY. So I created an XML file as given below to check the input parameters to be used.

But I can see there is no proper definition to give the input product i.e say how will I define s2_reflectance so that the LST SHARPENING operator considers it as an s2_reflectance product?
For example:
s2_reflectance = ProductIO.readProduct(path for s2_reflectance)
parameters = HashMap()
parameters.put(‘s2_reflectance_product’, s2_reflectance)

Unfortunately I cannot help much here since I don’t use Snappy. If you want to automate the processing then maybe you could use the GPT or command line interfaces (see section 3.3.2 of the user manual).

Thanks @radosuav for your suggestions. I am able to automate what I want.