Running Sen2Cor 2.10.01 with Copernicus DEM

I would like to run Sen2Cor 2.10.01 with Copernicus DEM. The relevant instructions are provided in Sen2Cor Configuration and User Manual document:

For the new supported Copernicus DEM:
Example: <DEM_Directory>dem/copernicus</DEM_Directory>
NOTE: The link will be provided with a dedicated news on STEP and this
document will be then updated following up the published news.

I couldn’t find any dedicated news with the URL so I tried to use the same source as SNAP AddElevation operator, i.e

However, this does not work with Sen2Cor printing:

Trying to retrieve DEM from URL this may take some time …
file could not be opened successfully
DEM not available

So which URL should I use?

@bdpg is there any news on the availability of the Copernicus DEM for sen2cor?