S-1 Slice Assembly

I’m trying to calculate Coherence. In the first step I use S-1 Slice Assembly Tools following this video Sentinel -1 coherence estimation in SNAP - YouTube but this error occurs:

I have updated all plugins using:

snap64 --nosplash --nogui --modules --update-all

in SNAP Command Line.

Any idea what could be wrong?

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Just to go sure: Slice Assembly is not a mandatory task for Coherence estimation. It is only required when you have two images from the same date and track and want to merge them before creating the stack (with two other images). If you only have a pair of images of the same footprint, you don’t need it.


Thank you for your reply. My AOI includes two images. I will skip this step (Slice Assembly) and I will calculate Coherence two times.

This is an option, yes. You can still apply Slice Assembly (or terrain correction and mosaicing) after coherence computation.

Ok, thank you for for your suggestions.

If you want to do 6-day coherence with S1A and S1B, slice assembly is a good option, because unfortunately, the frames of both sensors only partially overlap. The problem is that data sets get so big that SNAP will crash on memory issues, even on relatively well endowed machines (e.g. 16 GB RAM). This is also because the SNAP s1tbx is not very efficient in RAM use overall.