S-1 thermal noise removal - strange pattern in RGB

I have encountered very strange pattern after applying the S1 Thermal noise removal operator. I am not sure if this is a problem with a specific image or with the processor or even if this is normal and expected … I wonder if someone can explain what is happening here?

Only Apply-Orbit and TN removal operators have been applied to this GRD product from August 2018.
The pattern appears for the ratio between Intensity_VV/ Intensity_VH

this is interesting. Can you please run it again with the option to store the Thermal Noise in a separate band?

Thanks for the quick response. How can I save the thermal noise to a separate band? I don’t see the option in the NR menu.

sorry, I thought it was there…
In this case, you can only create a difference image between the bands before and after the TNR.
As both raster products have the same dimensions, you can do this in the band maths without creating a stack. There is a drop down menu at the top of the Expression Editor which allows you to use bands of both products.

Ah yes of course, here they are. it seems to be caused by the VV band, although the VH diff also looks quite strange…

probably these patterns are more visible over ocean areas with constantly low backscatter, but maybe someone has an idea where they come from.

Yes, it would be interesting to find out.