S-1 Thermal Noise Removal

Hi I just wanted some help in removing noise in Sentinel 1 using SNAP. When I process the calibrated data a problem occured. “A problem occured during the target product initialisation
Message:java.lang NullPointerException” . Thank you very much

Are you using the latest module updates 6.0.5? What is the product file name? What steps need to be done to repeat the problem?

No, I think this SNAP I used is version 5. The product file name is S1A_IW_SLC_1SDV_20181211T213121_20181211T213148_024983_02C11BBE

snap 5 won’t be able to handle product changes in the thermal noise vectors in products after March 2018. You’ll need to get the latest updates.

This is also the case with Version 6. How can I solve it?

have you installed all updates?


do you know why it always shows unable connect to the updata center when click updata? thank u very

maybe your firewall blocks it. Please make sure that port 443 is open in your firewall settings. How to Open a Port on Windows Firewall
Windows and Mac: How to open ports in your firewall

Thank you,i tried,but it still shows unable to cnnect…little down

what version of SNAP are you using?

thank for your pantient reply,i download 7.0version and it run!