S1-Apply_orbit batch processing question

Dear colleagues,
If you could help me to clarify this question it would be great.
I have quite a long set of S1 images. I have done Split for all of them individually. Then I started ApplyOrbit using batch processing. The results of the procedure ApplyOrbit have been overwriting the results of the Split procedure (results of ApplyOrbit appeared to be in _split files). But there was a failure in ApplyOrbit batch processing. Thus, for some of my _split files ApplyOrbit has been done and for the others -not. The question is what happens if I restart batch processing and do ApplyOrbit for some files twice. Shall I spoil these files to which ApplyOrbit has already been previously done? Or I have to start from the very beginning - delete everything and start manual splitting…
Thank you for your time,

batch processing only checks if the desired filename is already present. But if Orbit Files are already applied I don’t think the operator would fail.
I would generally disadvise from overwriting files.

Thanks ABraun, I’ve just started from the beginning to avoid overwriting files.