S1 Batch Processing Error


I’m currently working on a project for Uni where I’m processing S1 images. I’ve made the operations into a graph using the graph builder(see below), which worked fine the first time but now it seems to be cutting off a large area of my image. I’ve repeated each process with the same parameters individually and I don’t seem to get this problem, however this is much slower and means I have to stay at my desk.
If anyone could help that would be great.



This is an image of the cropped interferogram

I have seen similar things before…

Several things to check:

  1. Are your input products complete?
  2. Is your area of interest covered by the DEM you are using?
  3. Check you don’t run out of memory during the processing.
  4. Does your output location have enough free space to write the entire output product?


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I’m getting another error with the batch processing. I input 10 images, but only the first one is processed 10 times.

You can see in the figure how they all have different header, but same aquisition date (which is not possible).

The workflow I am trying to run is:
Apply orbit file
Polarimetri matrix
Terrein Correction

It is a workflow that used to work fine, but since summer it gives all sorts of problems. Strange thing is that with the images I already downloaded before summer, it works fine. Do I get this and other errors because I am missing some operator?

in your figure, the graph file is not loaded yet. Could this be the reason?


The figure is just to illustrate that despite having different header, all the resulting images are a copy of the result of processing the first image. :frowning: (only the results are loaded in SNAP in the figure, not the raw images)