S1 Calibration: Output DN band

The Calibration tool has a parameter “Output DN band”: it is not described into the documentation, which shows a picture (and options) completely different. However I assumed that it tells to SNAP to include into the output also the original band values.

  1. In case of GRD so I expect the original Amplitude_VV/HH bands, while in case of SLC what should be expected ?
  2. If I set for example the parameters “Output sigma0 band” and “Output DN band”, the otput generated has both the Sigma0_xx and the DN_xx bands, but when I display the DN values they are completely different than the ones of the input products (both if I process a GRD and a SLC). Is that expected?

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No, I believe the DN values just revert a scaling done at the IPF to get back to the original unscaled values. The DN LUT is just a constant.