S1 data calibration error


I am trying to run calibration for generating complex image from SLC product in SNAP but it pops up the following error

This looks like you don’t have enough memory to run this kind of processing. How much memory (RAM) does your PC have?

i tried in 8 gb and 16 gb

This error should go in the FAQ…

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16GB should be fine, for most cases. How have you changed the settings.

Have you done something like this?

For the SNAP Desktop application you can increase the amount of memory available to SNAP.
In the ‘etc’ folder of the SNAP installation directory you’ll find a file named snap.conf. Open it in a text editor.
There is the line which starts with ‘default_options=’
In this line you’ll find an option like -J-Xmx5G. Increase the value. You could use something like -J-Xmx13G, if you have enough memory in your computer. By default it is set to ~75% of the maximum value. This is usually a good choice.

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I changed from 8GB to 16GB, the process was completed but the output is black with No values (NaN)

If this happens I guess, there is something wrong with the configuration of your processing, but I can’t help with this. I’m not a SAR expert.
Maybe someone else?

ok…Thank you

how did you import your data? Did you apply any other steps before calibration?

The data is Sentinel 1 (IW) and the software used is SNAP.
No prior calibration was performed

did you select any special parameters for the calibration. Which product level is used?

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While performing calibration I checked the “save in complex” option only