S1- how to extract elevation

Hi folks,
Could you help me to find out how can I extract the height of the object from SAR data?
Could I do it from the single Sentinel 1 scene?

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Here comes an example of DEM Creating,

Source of the post

No it’s not possible,
Please read this part,

SAR interferometry: applications and limits

Source: http://www.esa.int/esapub/tm/tm19/TM-19_ptA.pdf

Also please have a look at these series,

InSAR Principles: Guidelines for SAR Interferometry Processing and Interpretation

(ESA TM-19)

Source: https://www.esa.int/About_Us/ESA_Publications/InSAR_Principles_Guidelines_for_SAR_Interferometry_Processing_and_Interpretation_br_ESA_TM-19

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