S1 Pre-processing chain and parameter setting

Can’t judge based on this few information, sorry.

OK,Thank you!I have another question, how to generate VV/VH Formatted data,

can you please explain more clearly what you mean?
When you download S1 images VV and VH polarizations are already present. Maybe these tutorials help you: http://step.esa.int/main/doc/tutorials/sentinel-1-toolbox-tutorials/

can generate vv or vh, but not vv/vh, Some people use vv/vh to calculate the biomass,

right-click the product and select RGB composite

Yes! Thank you very much!

Hello,I have a question to ask you, and I am very happy to get your help .
My question is how to use the “Band math” to get the result of “slope normalisation” and get the picture about the relationship between the “Angle of Incidence” and "Backscattering Coefficient " just shown in the obove.
thanks for you help.

I am a beginner who studies SAR. I take the liberty to bother you. I can’t download the Sentinel-1 toolbox tutorial. Can you send me these three tutorials? I found your comment in the forum.:grin:

you find numerous tutorials here:

Thank you very much!:hugs:


Do you have a reference for the above figure? Thanks,


I think it was “Handbook of Radar Scattering Statistics for Terrain” by Ulaby

thanks, appreciated