S1 Preprocessing outputs in SNAP issue

I have downloaded the scene: S1A - SLC with both polarisations (VV and VH).

I am however, believing there is issue with the processed outputs. I applied:

  1. Orbit file
  2. Calibration
  3. TOPS Deburst
  4. Terrain Flattening*

The issue is that in the viewer the image appears ‘smaller’ after each step. In that, after Step 1. the viewer shows, I estimate about a a third of the original image. After Step 3. it appears only as a single strip (previously between bursts). And after Step 4. the output shows no values. That is to say, 0 for intensity values when viewing the greyscale histogram.
Believing there is something I am not doing right. Should there be a particular reason why outputs are seemingly being reduced?

Applying an orbit file or calibration doesn’t change the dimensions. With deburst, it will merge the bursts and subswaths - both of which contain some overlap.
For the terrain flattenning being all zeros, check that the dem you are using is valid in that area. Try doing steps 1 to 3 first and then add a dem band with the dem you are using to visualize it.

Thank you. I will try that.