S1 scenes set as offline

Hello, does anybody knows why S1 scenes Jan-March 2015 are having “Offline” label in the right hand side?

Example - S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20150331T160800_20150331T160827_005278_006AC8_1D93

Thank you.

This is due to older products Sentinel 1 moving to the ‘Long-Term Archive’. These products must be requested from storage before you can download them.

More information can be found here.

If you request them, they will be re-accessable in a few days.

I’m not gonna lie. IMO it’s too soon to archive 2 years-old products. It really annoys me and my colleagues, as well as when working with students. I really hope ESA will find a handier way to deal with their storage and recent changes in accessibility. Plus it now makes a lot of scripts non-usable.



According to the information you have referred to in your post concerning getting again the archive data, after checking the box as below,


I didn’t get the GUI message according to the instructions of gehub

Do you have any idea about this issue?

Many thanks in advance

I found the offline data are totally different in https://www.asf.alaska.edu/
So I think could use both at the moment to download the specific date of data, however in GHUB, I found more offline data in my case the SLC -S1- IW , 2017 rather than https://www.asf.alaska.edu/

For data-access issues please contact eosupport@copernicus.esa.int

I’ll do, thanks a lot.