S1 SLC pixel size

Dear Forum,

According to the documentation, the pixel spacing of an S1 IW SLC image is 2.3 m x 14.1 m (rg x az respectively). However, when I use the SNAP measurement tool I get completely different numbers. Please see the attached image where I have zoomed right in on an IW SLC and measured the horizontal (relative to the screen) size of a pixel. The result is as shown in the box.

Why does the measurement tool say the horizontal distance is 0.11699346 +/- 3.9225718 E-4 km? To me this means ca. 0.1 km +/- 0.0003922518 km (approximately equaling 100 m +/- 30 cm).

Clearly I am not understanding something correctly. I would really appreciate someone explaining my confusion.

Many thanks for your time.

This is strange. If I do it I get this result:
In X-direction:

In Y-direction: