S1 Top coregistration slave BLANK

Hello, I have a problem with S1 Top Coregistration. Only the master is visible, slave is blank (no value).
I try to change DEM without results (POEORB orbits are good). I use SLC products:
Have you got solutions ?

Which DEMs did you test?

Is your SNAP version up to date? It should be S1TBX version 7.0.2.

Thanks for answer. It was a problem with the update.

Hi @ABraun ,

I have the same problem with the latest version of SNAP.
After the S1 Top Coregistration step, part of the slave become blank.
The yellow rectangle indicate the range of the slave image, while the red rectangle indicate the range of the master image.

I have tried to make the range of master and slave as the same, the result of coregistration with no problem.

However, I want to process this step by snap2stamps package. Two images of the same date in the slaves folder would split without set numbers of burst and than slice assembly as the large yellow rectangle in the first figure. Therefore, I would have the blank slave during the process…

Could you help me to over come this problem? Thank you very much.

It seems like snap2stamps currently only works on a previous version of SNAP. As this is an externally developed tool, mismatches can always occur. So I’m afraid you would have to go back to SNAP 8.0 without updates to run snap2stamps, although from the perspective of the developers outdated versions always bring problems.

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Thank you for your quickly reply. I will try.