S1 TOPS coregisteration residuals?

I’m using Linux version of SNAP, and process S1 images for deformation. In SANP, after S1 TOPS coregisteration, I can see in “Stack overview”, some info (e.g. Bp, temporal baseline, …), but I can not see the coregisteraion residuals under the dedicated tab, and that’s empty. Where can I see the numbers or a plot of the residuals to know how well this coregisteration process has been done. Please help! /Faramarz

I would be interested in an answer as well. The standard coregistration module outputs a txt-file with the residuals. However, they are not shown for the TOPS coregistration module.

thanks @ABraun. I think, if we have a plot of residuals then we can compare them with “TOPS Coregisteration with ESD” as well and decide better if we really need to do ESD or just the normal TOPS coregisteration.

Hi farnil

You can see the residuals of the coregistration in InSAR Stack

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Thanks @gabrielaquintana77, do you use Windows version or Linux? I don’t get anything for residuals in my Linux version when I open my InSAR Stack. As I said, other tabs has info but not this Residuals tab. It seems @ABraun (?) has also the same problem. what do you suggest?
By the way, it seems that your output is from ESD coreg. that seems to be fine for me, but do you get also residuals for just Tops Coregisteration? there I miss that.


Yes, I am using Windows version!!!.. You can to use virtual machine for windows???

I was not happy with my Windows version, because of JAVA error all the time, and I switched to a Linux server with more memory and fast processors…

That is true, I know, but I don’t other solution!!! :confused:

So, back to my question, how did you get the residuals? did you do ESD coreg.?

No, I only maked coregistration!

Hmm! thanks for the info, then something should be different between Linux or Windows or something else which I don’t know yet. Hope others share their experience as well.

Maybe @marpet or @lveci can help us with this doubt! :confounded:

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thanks for the suggestion, Grabriela - didn’t know that function yet!

However, it is empty for me (also Windows) when I perform TOPS Coregistration. Works for me for StripMap stacks of S1 or TerraSAR-X data.

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