S1 TOPS-Coregistration of different subswaths

Hello everyone!

I am really new to SAR Processing and I’m trying to create an Interferogram of two SLC images. The images were taken in 24/11/2015 and 25/11/2015.
It is not very clear to me which pre-process I should follow in order to co-registrate these images. I have tried co-registration but the area I’m interested in appears in IW2 of the first image and IW3 of the second. As a result, when I’m trying to generate an interferogram of the created IW2 stack, I get some fringes but they don’t represent the image of the area I wish.
I wonder if I should calibrate or somehow geo-code the images before the co-registration so that I get the result I need.

I would appreciate any advice. Thank you!

The dates you mention are impossible - S1A has a 12-day orbit-repeat period which is also the shortest possible time-interval for an InSAR pair. Please consult the tutorials.

Thanks, I’ll look into it!

It’s important that the two images you use for the co-registration have the same orbit track. I have tried to co-register two images with a difference of 12 days in the adquisition moments, but they had different orbit tracks, so the software couldn’t co-register them.