S1 TOPS-Coregistration (quality indicators)


I want to registrate several S1 images (Interferometric Wide Swath mode, IW2, 3 bursts). In SNAP (I am using last version, v 8.0) there is a Coregistation module where you can check Show Residuals in Wrap tab to obtain the Coregistration Residuals in InSAR Stack view, but for Stripmap radar products. In S1 TOPS ESD Coregistration there is no such option to obtain/visualize coregistration quality indicators. How can I get the coregistration residuals (rmsStd, rmsMean, etc.) for IW radar products?

In the InSAR Stack Overview there are two tabs for ESD coregistration, but I have never managed to get information here, they remain empty


Maybe @jun_lu or @lveci can tell how these are used.

TOPS coregistration is different from the normal stripmap SAR coregistration which is GCP and cross-correlation based. Therefore no residual is output. For TOPS coregistration, steps like in the following graph should be followed:

thank you @jun_lu
So what is the purpose of ESD Histogram and ESD Measure?

Thank you @jun_lu. This means that no quality indicators for TOPS coregistration are calculated in SNAP?