S1 Tops coregistration

Hi sarelf

I did with this steps for ENVISAT:

InSAR Stack Overview —Orbit File (DORIS)—Coregistration—Interferogram Formation…Topographic Phase Removal… Speckle Filtering (For to generate unwrapped interferogram).

Deburst is for Wide Swath Mode WS, which product you have used?

good morning thank you

when I get to the interferometric process it gives me an error that does not recognize the incoming file with SLC

that’s strange because you actually have a co-registered SLC stack.
Did you apply any other pre-processing besides Orbit File application?

I applied this
-Orbit File (DORIS)—Coregistration-

HI sarelf

Do you had processed Mode Precision Image IMP. The complex images are Image Mode Single Look Complex IMS, please download the IMS images.

Please tell me how did it go!!!


Hello Gabriela Forgive me if I answer late, but I was influenced. The images are better much better …

My study area has been located in sub swap IW 1 in the master and in the IW 3 in the slave . Is it Possible to co register them?

No, unless you terrain correct first. Combination of ascending and descending scenes does not really work over mountainous areas as the geometry of images is so different.

Hi there, I am trying to simply deburst the interferogram but the Data Buffer error persists despite I have followed some recommendations.
Can you please suggest how can I better set my parameters. Thanks. My VM parameters are as follows:-


@mengdahl or @lveci, can you please suggest me how should I fix the parameters much better. Please see my comment above.